We are a strategy-led branding agency that helps purpose-driven companies make positive change. We do it through design thinking and collaborative problem-solving. So, you can build strong customer relationships and drive meaningful growth.

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Differentiate from your competition

Explore and define your brand persona through our collaborative workshops – to ensure we’re not just changing your brand, but helping you fuel recognition, stand out from your competition and meet your ambitions.

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Marketing for good

Help people fall in love with your brand

Together, we’ll define your target audience. Then we will use strategic content across multiple touch points to connect emotionally with customers and create lifelong relationships.

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Horton and Garton
People at the core

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Grow with a purpose

Bring your ambitions to fruition – and share the inspiration with your audience – using purpose-driven branding for sustainable growth.

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Reshaping justice


#1/ Discover

We will learn and define what makes your brand unique, with a goal to tell your story as we build the strong foundation of your brand. We use our expertise to join the dots between what you have, what you want and how, together, we can make a difference.

#2/ Ideation

We work together to plot a strategy for the journey. We draw on our design thinking to develop visuals, messaging and more that will make the intangible tangible and solve your challenges.

#3/ Transform

We create the marketing materials necessary to effectively communicate your new brand identity. Then we develop a strategy to best help you launch in your industry, community and the world.



Research & consumer Insights
Brand positioning
Brand architecture
Content strategy
Brand audit

Visual identity systems
Brand story
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Brand campaigns
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