Horton and Garton

People at the core

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For more than 14 years, Horton and Garton has offered comprehensive yet local sales and letting services to landlords in West London. But this cornerstone of the community wanted to explore new ways to connect. It turned to us to refocus its brand around the people it served.

The difference

We hosted brand workshops to identify the Horton and Garton values and target audience. From there, we developed a new visual identity to include a refreshed logo, design and tone of voice guidelines and an updated digital presence. Now, Horton and Garton is right at home on the digital channels its audience uses most – to connect with and serve more local people and causes.
Brand Strategy
Brand positioning
Visual identity system
Brand guidelines
Digital experience
sketches, shape and colour palette of horton and garton rebrandingbrand value flashing on a purple background
branded social media instagram post visuals with people and property in geometric shapesBranded graphic design show hammersmith bridge in geometric shpaebrand guildelines visual in on a clean white background

JJSmith’s team guided us through a process of rebranding over several months. Their creative ideas, imagination and knowledge were invaluable. Our brief was adhered to but pushed to the limits of artistic licence - Just what we needed to look at our brand with a new and fresh approach. We are already experiencing positive results within a very short period of time.

Perhaps the most important aspect for us was the provision of fact-based evidence on all aspects of design or proposed changes. There are always difficult decisions to make with regard to change but the test, measure and reason approach enabled us to understand what our potential clients need or would best relate to.

Ashley Clements  /  Managing Director

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