Reshaping justice

Case study


Founded in 1993 on the ambition to change how we think of justice, HabLaw is people-first, compassionate and trusted by families and vulnerable groups alike. With its brand position already set apart from the competition, it approached us for a visual brand identity that could do the same.

The difference

We worked closely with the team to develop a visual brand identity that solved this challenge. The result is inspired by the kindness and compassion with which Hab Law is reshaping the sector. Using a waveform as a key element, the brand is now communicating that shift visually with an identity that represents creating connections and driving progress.
Brand Strategy
Brand positioning
Visual identity system
Brand guidelines
Digital experience
Hab law green logo on a grey background designed in grids using golden section theory  Hab law office photography show diversity of team working together and laughinghab law website design visual on a wave beige and green graphic backgroundhablaw website landing page displayed on mobile format hab law social media post visual show sun rise with a circle of typography - make a positive differencehablow branded stationary letterhead, envelope on a marble background4 hab law business case design displayed on a green backgroundHab law office signage displayed on a stylish marble background
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