Green Santa

Planting seeds for the future

Case study


We developed a social media strategy for the runup to December. Using a handwritten style and the iconic image of Santa, we created a visual identity that would immediately drive engagement among our target audience across social channels. Perhaps more important, however, are the seeds the campaign plants for the future – empowering the next generation to shape the future of the planet.

The difference

Green Santa invites children to write letters about what they want for the planet. Of course, the opportunity to engage comes but once a year, so the charity behind the campaign approached us to help get the word out.
Brand Strategy
Brand positioning
Visual identity system
Brand guidelines
Digital experience
Green Santa branding process
Green santa brand identity colour paletteGreen Santa brand logo on a green backgroundnonprofit website visual display on a forest imageGreen Santa social media branding in a story telling form.Green Santa bill board with heading of what's your wish for the planet this Christmas.
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