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Technology is the future. It’s why Industrious Code believes that, for those in the field, every career move matters. But to connect the right people to the right companies, this recruitment agency needed first to connect with its audiences.

The difference

We worked alongside the leadership team to develop a brand strategy. At the core, the team placed diversity and inclusion – championing extraordinary talent wherever it is. On this foundation, we developed a bold visual identity and driven messaging that bring people to the fore. Now, Industrious Code attracts the people that are coding the future.
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JJSmith helped take our ambitious vision & turn it into a complete reflection of not just our business, but our people. JJsmith's team has a niche skill in dissecting the most random of thoughts (borderline mind reading), producing content we could not verbalise, not to mention their patience. Naturally + vividly creative.

Whitney Barrell /  Lead Partner

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