Change today's education for tomorrow's climate

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Time and time again, scientific research has shown our global leaders the urgency needed to manage and support the imminent catastrophes that loom due to global warming.

However, climate literacy should not just be for decision makers of today: it is an essential life skill that our leaders of the future must possess. Just as we teach our children and young people to look both ways before crossing a road to avoid an oncoming collision, a deeper understanding of the science and impacts of climate change prepares them for an uncertain future.

The difference

Embedding climate change educational policies and frameworks into the curriculum is a major step towards ensuring that each child has a basic right to understand what their future holds.

CAPE brand is a call to action for decision-makers to create lasting change for children and young people and the planet they will inherit. It stands for Climate Adapted Pathway for Education - an alliance of researchers, educators, schools, and partners across the UK working to change today's education for tomorrow's Climate.

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CAPE branding process including logo prototype, sketch, images and rational on a grid backgroundCAPE logo mark on a which signify positivity
We started with brand strategy workshops that solidified our mission, vision, and values, enabling us to define our position and who the advocators are. The logomark portrays the infinite strength of nature, knowledge, and positivity. Inspired by the meaning of Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man - connecting men to nature. The geometric circle and square fusion illustrate the water and leaf, symbolising life and harmony.

It's a reminder of all the beauty that nature can create when we truly understand and utilise scientific knowledge to rebuild a better and healthier planet for our future generation.

Cape brand missionCAPE branded report on black backgroundCAPE social posts show landscape and children getting to know the nature

JJsmith's expertise and approach to strategic brand design are phenomenal. Being guided by them has been one of the most in-depth and inspirational processes I've been through in my professional life. Their ability to support and challenge our thinking has really changed how our organisation thinks about branding and its purpose.

Heena Dave /  Co-founder of CAPE

Cape branded business card in a nature settingCAPE branding assets with yellow, blue and grey colour paletteWorking to change today' education for tomorrow's climate appearing on a large scale landscape billboard.CAPE branded event pass and sweat shirtCape website visual on a yellow backgroundCape branded yellow bag on a blue chair with writing of working to change today's education for tomorrow's climate.Cape branded business card in yellow and blue on a grid backgroudCape branded large portrait poster with a leaf shaped graphics and nature landscape imageCape quote on a plain book, Bringing nature into the classroom can kindle a fascination and passion for the diversity of life on earth and can motivate a sense of repressibility to safeguard it. Sir David Attenborough
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