4 steps creative strategy framework

If you are a strategic creative thinker, you will love these 4 steps framework to help you find clarity, and increase inspiration and risk-taking.

Step 1. List all potential targets, product attributes, brand information, features, and benefits.

Step 2:Create objectives or messages that your target audience should take away after encountering your communications.

Step 3: After achieving quantity, refine for quality through discussion. Consider each element and ask, "Can we build a campaign on that?"

Step 4: Connect the dots and use them to focus on creative development.

For example: Based on your target audience's need or behaviour > They would be interested in a conversation around this fact > Using this feature/benefit in the headline or copy to invite attention.

This framework ensures that you have the information you need, that it's organised, and that the creative solutions are based on facts, features, and objectives of your product, brand or service.Hope this is helpful.

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