How to write an inspiring creative brief

A well-structured creative brief inspires a successful marketing campaign.

Be sure to tick off these 6 key points:

✅ Know Your Audience: Who's listening?

✅ Tackle the Challenge: What problem are we solving?

✅ Define Your Purpose: Why communicate now?

✅ Clarity is Key: What's the Single-minded Proposition (SUP)?

✅ Set the Stage: What's the context?

✅ Craft the Vibe: What tone and mood do we desire?

A thorough and clear creative brief is also the foundation for trust and understanding between clients and the creative team. It's your go-to reference throughout the project's journey.

🌟 Remember, a powerful creative brief isn't just about asking the right questions—it's about providing well-considered answers. Use the slide below to structure and refine your responses.

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