What's the difference between branding and brand identity?

What's the difference between branding and brand identity
Aren't they the same thing?
They are just logos and websites, aren't they?


Not really.

- Branding is the management of a brand's meaning that helps your business stand apart from its competition.

It is through the process of branding that you can build a brand identity.

- Brand identity is the sensory elements that are used to identify a brand, such as your logo, colours, typography and tone of voice. Even Sound, touch, and smell.

The more distinct, specific and cohesive these elements are, the higher the likelihood they will shape a differentiated brand that is recognised and admired by your audiences.

Without brand identity, there's no branding.

Consider these two questions when making your branding decisions:

- What is the perception you want to impress on your customers?
- Be authentic and dig into why your company exist.

Hope this is helpful.

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